Wednesday, May 6, 2009

released but unbound series

these are only a few from my new series of photographs documenting the hair that remains on my studio floor from the haircut i received last week.
the braided piece titled "release" from my show contains two and a half years in its length, predating the death of my grandmother. her only daughter, my mother, cut the braid from my head within the space of my studio. this act was executed in an effort to both release the burden of trauma and loss i had been carrying with me for two and a half years, as well as release the link between the location of my studio with these associated memories.

this hair remains unbound, and tells a much shorter story through its vestiges. i will be photographing the hair daily until i move out of my studio, and this will be a short series, as i move out next week.
i am recording the remnants of time and fragility of placement.
this series is called "released but unbound"

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